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Product ID Squeek-No-More-Kit
Manufacturer Oberry Enterprises
Squeek No More Kit For Floors
Squeek No More Kit includes (1) joist finder screw, (1) driver bit, (1) alignment and depth control unit, (50) scored and waxed screws along with complete instructions. This is an American made product.
Price: $26.89
Product ID Vermont-Natural-Coatings-Daily-Wood-Cleaner-Gallon
Manufacturer Vermont Natural Coatings
Vermont Natural Coatings Daily Wood Cleaner - Gallon
Economical refill gallon of daily wood cleaner easily refills the 32 oz bottle of Vermont Natural Coatings cleaner or any empty 32 oz bottle. The Vermont Natural Coatings wood floor cleaner is non-toxic and has no odor.
Price: $30.49
Product ID Vermont-Natural-Coatings-Wood-Deep-Cleaner-Gallon
Manufacturer Vermont Natural Coatings
Vermont Natural Coatings Wood Deep Cleaner - Gallon
Concentrated wood deep cleaner for heavily soiled non-wax wood floors. The Vermont Natural Coatings deep cleaner can also be used in a auto-scrubber. This wood deep cleaner is sold in a Gallon container.
Price: $48.49
Product ID Woca-Spot-Remover-Aerosol
Manufacturer Woca
Woca Spot Remover Aerosol
Woca Spot Remover removes grease stains from wood and many more stubborn stains. Eliminate water stains from wood floors and surfaces. The Woca Spot Remover is sold in a 9 oz aerosol can.
Price: $34.99
Product ID Basic-Squeaky-Cleaner-Gallon-Ready-to-Use
Manufacturer Basic Coatings
Basic Squeaky Cleaner Gallon Ready-to-Use
Basic Squeaky Cleaner Gallon Ready-to-Use Formula is for use on no-wax urethane finished wood or laminate floors. Clean and maintain your floors today with this residue-free ready-to-use cleaner.
Price: $24.39
Product ID Forbo-pH-Neutral-Cleaner-Gallon
Forbo pH Neutral Cleaner Gallon
Our commercial vinyl floor cleaner comes in a gallon size and is also safe for at home use. For routine Forbo Maintenance on your vinyl or tile flooring, purchase this pH neutral product for an all around clean.
Price: $38.29
Product ID Host-Pre-Clean
Host Pre-Clean for Carpet
This pre-treat carpet cleaning spray is ideal for grease stains and high traffic areas. Remove tough carpet stains with Host Pre-Clean. This carpet cleaning spray is made of biodegradable ingredients and is safe to use in your home or at work.
Price: $7.59
Product ID Pallmann-Hardwood-Cleaner-Concentrate-Gallon
Pallmann Hardwood Cleaner Concentrate Gallon
Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner in an economical gallon concentrate size. Use this concentrate for large cleaning jobs or to refill the 32oz spray size.
Price: $39.99
Product ID Prevail-1-Step-Neutral-Cleaner-32oz
Prevail 1 Step Neutral Clean 32oz
For vinyl tile care this cleaner helps maintain and protect the floor finish. Since this is a neutral floor cleaner, it's safe for use in residential and commercial applications. Prevail vinyl tile care is a clean green choice and contains no phosphates
Price: $9.49
Product ID Refill-Screws-Squeek-No-More
Manufacturer Oberry Enterprises
Refill Screws For Squeek No More
Refill screws for Squeek No More Kits come 50 to a pack. These snap off screws will help to eliminate most squeaks under carpet, hardwood, and linoleum floors. Screws are waxed and snap off just below the floor line.
Price: $9.39
Product ID Sh-Mop-Wet-Dry-Mop-Cover
Manufacturer Comsentech
Sh-Mop Wet / Dry Mop Cover
Theses wet and dry Sh mop refills feature an elastic band for mop head attachment. Rewash these microfiber mop pads for hundreds of uses. This Sh Mop refill pad will glide easily on the floor when used wet or dry.
Price: $5.90
Product ID Woca-Spot-Neutralizer-Spray
Manufacturer Woca
Woca Spot Neutralizer Spray
Woca Spot Neutralizer effectively removes black wood stains caused by an acid/water reaction. Us this oxalic acid wood cleaning product on unfinished, soaped, oiled or waxed interior surfaces.
Price: $34.99
Product ID WoolClean-Absorb-it-Powder
WoolClean Absorb it Powder
Absorb-It pet spot cleaner works like tiny sponges that soak up pet accidents and spills on rugs and carpeting. This wool carpet cleaning product is non toxic and safe for use around children and pets
Price: $25.89
Product ID Aluminum-Microfiber-Mop-Set
Aluminum Microfiber Mop Set
Durable and affordable microfiber mop set for cleaning of all hard surface floors. This aluminum mop comes with an extendable mop handle so you can adjust the height to your liking. Don't delay! Purchase this telescoping mop today!
Price: $23.99
Product ID Arboritec-Neutral-Floor-Cleaner-Liter-Refill
Manufacturer Arboritec
Arboritec Neutral Floor Cleaner - Liter Refill
Arboritec lacquered and oiled wood floor cleaner can be used to clean all kinds of floors. This neutral floor cleaner is sold in a liter refill bottle. Use on many surfaces: oiled/lacquered wood, linoleum, vinyl, laminate, stone, tile, glass, and more.
Price: $7.49
Product ID Forbo-Heavy-Duty-Cleaner-32oz
Forbo Heavy Duty Cleaner 32oz

This Forbo floor cleaner is a heavy duty product that comes in a convenient 32 oz pour bottle. Clean your home with this green friendly formula that doesn't emit harsh, toxic fumes.

Price: $14.99
Product ID Host-Carpet-Spot-Remover
Host Carpet Spot Remover
This stain remover product can be used throughout your home or anywhere there is carpeting or rugs. Host carpet spot remover works on tough stains such as grease, pet accidents and blood.
Price: $5.19
Product ID Prevail-1-Step-Neutral-Cleaner-Gallon
Prevail 1 Step Neutral Clean Gallon
This one step floor cleaner requires no rinsing and leaves no residue. You can use Prevail Neutral Cleaner for commercial and home use. Your one step floor cleaner can be used for damp mopping, an automatic scrubber and hand scrubbing.
Price: $32.99
Product ID WoolClean-Natural-Spotter
WoolClean Natural Spotter
This natural carpet spot cleaner comes with the Carpet and Rug Institute seal of approval as an environmentally responsible cleaner. Wool carpet stain remover is a professional cleaner and will provide superior results.
Price: $10.99
Product ID 5x14-Microfiber-Mop-Pad-Blue
5 x 14 Microfiber Mop Pad Blue
5 x 14 microfiber cleaning pad is a reusable mop pad for use with our Aluminum Mop Set or any 5 x 14 mop head with velcro attachment.
Price: $4.99
Product ID Basic-Squeaky-Cleaner-128oz-Concentrate
Manufacturer Basic Coatings
Basic Squeaky Cleaner Gallon Concentrate

Basic Squeaky Cleaner Gallon Concentrate is a deep-cleaning solution that effectively cleans no wax, urethane finished wood floors, laminate or tile. This cleaner will not leave behind a residue or film as do other household detergents.

Price: $25.99
Product ID Forbo-Heavy-Duty-Cleaner-Gallon
Forbo Heavy Duty Cleaner Gallon

Order this gallon sized vinyl tile cleaner and see dirt disappear. Forbo Heavy Duty Cleaner can be used in both commercial and residential areas. Save money and buy it today!

Price: $50.09
Product ID Gundlach-Solvent-Based-Grout-Sealer-Aerosol
Gundlach Solvent Based Grout Sealer-Aerosol

Gundlach spray on sealant features an inverted "any way" nozzle tip for easy application. This spray on grout sealant can be used for indoor or outdoor use. Solvent based grout sealer arrives in a 15 oz aerosol spray can.

Price: $29.89
Product ID Host-Odor-Exploder
Host Odor Exploder
Remove smoke smell and other odors with Host Odor Exploder. Use as a carpet odor remover by pretreating prior to cleaning the carpets. Not only does it remove smoke smell it's also great for strong cooking odors; such as fish.
Price: $7.49
Product ID Karndean-Cleaning-Kit
Manufacturer Karndean
Karndean Clean Start Vinyl Cleaning Kit
Your Karndean starter kit contains everything you need for luxury vinyl tile maintenance. With the Karndean starter kit you will receive the routine cleaner, dim glow refresher, basic stripper, numerous pads and a mop head.
Price: $65.79
Product ID Pallmann-Clean
Pallmann Clean
This commercial wood floor cleaner prepares your hardwood or engineered hardwood floors for a refresher coat. Hardwood floor maintenance including deep cleaning will extend the life of your hardwood floors. Pallmann commercial wood floor cleaner is sold in 32 oz containers.
Price: $28.99
Product ID 1-inch-Clear-Sleeve-Floor-Saver
Manufacturer Equinox
1 Inch Diameter Clear Sleeve Felt Floor Saver
These clear sleeve floor protectors are easy to apply and long lasting. Vinyl clear sleeves are sold four to a pack and made in America.
Price: $4.79
Product ID 150-Br-Slip-On-Floor-Protector-Slider
Manufacturer Equinox
1.5 Inch Brown Slip-On Floor Protector - Slider Bottom
These slip-on floor protectors are perfect to use on area rugs and carpeting. These slip on and off easily so they can be used temporarily or permanently. Sold in sets of 4.
Price: $7.59
Product ID 5x14-Microfiber-Dust-Mop-Pad-Yellow
5 x 14 Microfiber Dust Mop Pad Yellow
5 x 14 yellow microfiber dust mop pad for use with our Aluminum Mop Set or any 5 x 14 head with velcro mop pad attachment.
Price: $4.99
Product ID Arboritec-Floor-Refresher-Liter-Refill
Manufacturer Arboritec
Arboritec Floor Refresher - Liter Refill
Arboritec refresher is a ready-to-use wood and laminate floor refresher that maintains the shine of your floors. This refresher can also be used as a linoleum floor care product.
Price: $13.49
Product ID DuraSeal-Wax-and-Cleaner-Neutral-128oz
Manufacturer Duraseal
DuraSeal Wax and Cleaner Neutral 128oz

Dura Seal Wax and Cleaner in Neutral is for light finished floors. It will clean your floors leaving a durable wax behind that will make your floors shine. This wax and cleaner is recommended for wax finished hardwood floors. Shipping to some states is restricted by law. Please click into product page for full details.

Price: $58.69
Product ID Forbo-Spray-Buff-32oz
Forbo Spray Buff 32oz
Forbo Spray Buff floor refresher comes in a 32 oz bottle should be lightly misted onto the floor. When vinyl tile maintenance takes too long, use this product for a quick shine.
Price: $20.79
Product ID Host-Shaker-Jar-Sponges
Host Shaker Jar Sponges 2.5 Lb
Host Dry Carpet Cleaner is an absorbent cleaner that is ideal for wet stains. This cleaner can be used for cleaning area rugs and wall to wall carpeting. Host Dry Carpet Cleaner is 100% plant based and safe for use on all carpet fibers, even sisal.
Price: $15.19
Product ID Pallmann-Clean-Strong
Pallmann Clean Strong
This deep cleaner is for professional use only and is designed for factory prefinished floors. This wood floor cleaning product by Pallman is sold in 32 oz bottles.
Price: $34.99
Product ID Pallmann-Dusting-Pad-4x15
Manufacturer Pallman
Pallmann Dusting Pad 4 x 15
This microfiber dust mop attracts and lifts dirt while trapping it. This microfiber dust mop can be used with any 4 x 15 mop head that has a velcro head. Clean floors and dust mop often to minimize allergens.
Price: $10.79
Product ID Pallmann-Hardwood-Cleaning-Kit
Manufacturer Pallman
Pallmann Hardwood Cleaning Kit
Your hardwood floor cleaning kit is a one step economical purchase, everything you need to maintain beautiful hardwood floors. Pallmann floor products spray cleaner is a neutral pH cleaner with a no rinse formula.
Price: $41.89
Product ID Pallmann-Microfiber-Mop-Pad-4x15
Manufacturer Pallman
Pallmann Microfiber Mop Pad 4 x 15
Microfiber cleaning pad has high absorbancy for dirt and grime but still glides easily across floors without scratching. This microfiber cleanig pad is washable and reusable, a great choice. This cleaning pad is a blend of microfibers that clean aggressively without dulling finishes.
Price: $10.79
Product ID Slipstick-Swivel-Foot-Carmel
Manufacturer Slipstick
SlipStick Carmel Swivel Foot
The floor protectors are made from a specially formulated material allowing furniture to slide effortlessly over hard surfaces. These furniture feet work with angled legs up to a 20 degree slant.
Price: $9.76
Product ID Arboritec-Satin-Oil-Maintenance-Liter
Manufacturer Arboritec
Arboritec Satin Oil Maintenance Liter

Arboritec oiled wood floor care is for maintenance and heavy cleaning of all oiled surfaces. This fast drying oiled wood floor maintenance product has low odor. Available in a Liter bottle.

Price: $28.99
Product ID Basic-Coatings-Intensive-Floor-Treatment
Manufacturer Basic Coatings
Basic Coatings Intensive Floor Treatment
Basic Coatings Intensive Floor Treatment is an aggressive wood floor cleaner. Remove ground-in dirt, shoe marks, scuffs, spills, and more. This product is the first step in a two-part cleaning process to prep for the TyKote Dustfree Refinishing System.
Price: $38.99
Product ID DuraSeal-Wax-and-Cleaner-Coffee-Brown-128oz
Manufacturer Duraseal
DuraSeal Wax and Cleaner Coffee Brown 128oz

Dura Seal Wax and Cleaner in Coffee Brown is made for dark finished floors. This wax and cleaner will clean your floors and leave a soft sheen. One gallon will cover approximately 500 square feet. Shipping to some states is restricted by law. Please click into the product page for full details. 

Price: $58.69
Product ID Forbo-Semi-Gloss-Finish-32oz
Forbo Semi Gloss Finish 32oz

For the highest shine around, our Forbo floor finisher is what you need to protect great looking floors. This vinyl floor gloss should be applied after a routine cleaning.

Price: $18.09
Product ID Host-Carpet-Cleaner-6LB-Sponges
Host Carpet Cleaner 6 Lb Sponges
Host rug cleaner is 100% plant based cleaning solution and Green Seal certified. Using a powdered carpet cleaner means no water mess. Using Host powdered carpet cleaner regularly will help to reduce allergens and irritants in your home.
Price: $25.89
Product ID Pallmann-Magic-Oil-Care
Pallmann Magic Oil Care
Oiled floor maintenance for wood floors. Floor care product is designed to maintain your floor finish in between refinishing. Routine wood floor care with Pallmann Magic Oil improves the appearance and preserves wood floors that are finished with Magic Oil 2K.
Price: $68.89
Product ID Prevail-Scratch-Remover
Prevail Scratch Remover 22oz
Vinyl floor scratch repair is as easy as spray on and work into the scratch. Regular vinyl tile maintenance can extend the life of your floors. This vinyl floor scratch repair product can improve the look of your vinyl floors.
Price: $19.99
Product ID Slipstick-Swivel-Foot-Chocolate
Manufacturer Slipstick
SlipStick Chocolate Swivel Foot
Slipstick Swivel Feet are ideal for protecting your floors from a slanted chair leg. They are compatible with chairs 3/4" - 1 1/4" in diameter. 8 per pack.
Price: $9.76
Product ID DuraSeal-Wood-Renovator-128oz
Manufacturer Duraseal
DuraSeal Wood Renovator 128oz

DuraSeal Renovator Cleaner and Reconditioner is a special combination of solvent and resin that works to clean and reseal hardwood floors previously finished with Dura Seal finishes. Shipping to some states is restricted by law. Please click into product page for full details.

Price: $65.69
Product ID Forbo-Residential-Finish-32oz
When it comes to residential Marmoleum maintenance, it doesn't have to seem like a chore. This 32 oz satin floor finish is your final step in protecting your floor from scratch marks. Try it today and bring out the natural shine to your floor.
Price: $13.69
Product ID Capture-Carpet-Cleaning-Kit
Capture Carpet Cleaning Kit
Capture's Carpet Cleaning Kit will get you everything you need to start cleaning your floors like a professional. Capture carpet cleaner is great for a whole house of carpeting or just your area rugs.
Price: $32.99
Product ID Floor-Finish-Applicator-Pad-10-Inch
Manufacturer Basic Coatings
Basic Coatings Floor Finish Applicator Pad 10 Inch
Use this floor finish applicator pad for applying the Basic Coatings Hardwood Floor Refinisher. Get a flawless, streak-free finish with this 10” floor finish applicator pad. Simply attach a standard threaded handle/pole for use.
Price: $9.89
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